What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI systems work by taking large amounts of data, and patterns. Using these patterns the machine can make predictions so it will know what to do next based on its fed data.

According to Artificial Intelligence Today And Tomorrow by Senate RPC , AI has the potential to make workers more productive, boost economic growth, and make life better for millions of people. For example, chatbots are fed different examples of chats and can learn to produce lifelike responses. AI is continually growing in popularity, from business owners to farmers, people are using AI to become more efficient. As it grows in popularity AI is also developing, like fully self-driving vehicles, systems that can detect cancer as well as radiologists can, and robots that act more like humans do.

Robot vacuum cleaners have emerged as an application of the technological advances powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). They can be programmed and controlled remotely to perform their cleaning task and are smart enough to do it effectively with little user interference.

Company like Freenome uses AI in screenings, diagnostic tests and blood work to test for cancer. By deploying AI at general screenings, Freenome aims to detect cancer in its earliest stages and subsequently develop new treatments.


Self-Driving Car

These cars are loaded with sensors that are constantly taking note of everything going on around the car and using AI to make the correct adjustments. These sensors capture thousands of data points every millisecond (like car speed, road conditions, pedestrian whereabouts, other traffic, etc.), and use AI to help interpret the data and act accordingly.


Traffic Apps

With AI-enabled mapping, the search giant's technology scans road information and uses algorithms to determine the optimal route to take, be it on foot or in a car, bike, bus or train.


Social Media

The improvement of the application of AI in social media helps brands to promote their products and ideas. They can also reach out to consumers, interact with them, and understand their needs.

On Instagram, AI considers your likes and the accounts you follow to determine what posts you are shown on your explore tab. For Facebook, it's the Messenger chatbots, algorithmic newsfeeds, photo tagging suggestions or ad targeting. Many other big companies like Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin,... are also eager to take advantage of this era's advancement.