Play The Game Before The Game Plays You!


Hey, you worked hard!
Leave those schoolworks aside for now. As long as you're with us, its FUN time!


Remember when we were fighting over a PC Game on our Dad's old desktop? Just for a moment, we'd love to see you rewind to your childhood time.


Beside the entertaining purpose, our games promise to make your head swim with some twists and hidden rewards!

Tips and Tricks

No tricks here! Just enjoy yourself 😉

Latest & Greatest

Game One


You maybe among the bests in "Hide-and-Seek", and no one could ever beat you in that game. Hmm, not sure about this online version, though. Let's show us some moves..

Game Two

Crack The Egg!

Here go the simple rule. Crack them eggs and get points. Ooh, and don't underestimate these little chicks. I bet your winning will not be easy as it seems to be!