Let's Get Wild!

Asian women with her food stall.

Exhausted from 12 years being a school-nerd? Too burnout to continue the college race? Why not take a gap?

Apparently, there are some myths about how destructive that year "off" is to the "gappers," which explains why the gap year option has not hit the mainstream in the US. I get that, trust me! In fact, what scares our parents (and society) the most is just having to see us staying in bed all day building imaginary houses in Animal Crossing. Really, all they need is a solid plan that ensures your "break-time" is not going to waste.

Need an idea of what to do to convince them? How about a volunteer abroad trip that can sharpen your overall skills, cultivate maturity and even polish your career prospect? Plan My Gap Year is the way to go!

Doubting? Then let me take you on a short trip to see what the program looks like!